About us

Company overview

Grant Thornton Legal & Tax LLC is a multi-professional group of lawyers and tax advisors.

Grant Thornton Legal & Tax LLC was founded in 2010 by spinning off the Legal and Tax departments of Grant Thornton CJSC into a separate business entity specialized in providing legal and tax advisory to its clients.

Our team represent the experience and capabilities earned practicing within structure of Grant Thornton CJSC, which as the Armenian member of Grant Thornton International, is a multi-professional group of public accountants and auditors, specialist advisers in finance, business and management.

Through our parent company, Grant Thornton CJSC, we have access to a network of member firms and Grant Thornton International International Business Centres worldwide, combining the knowledge and experiences of individual marketplaces with technologies, methodologies and specialist resources available to implement specific assignments in Armenia and across the region, as well as to provide co-ordinated worldwide services to our clients.

Our Clients benefit from both International and Armenian professionals, who offer their in-depth knowledge of local legislation and international law, local and international taxation.

Our extensive experience within Grant Thornton CJSC and our irreproachable business conduct, customer-oriented and exhaustive coverage of customer needs prove our commitment to providing partner-led, personalised services and high professional standards dedicated to sine qua non in public sector and growth-oriented business.

Our firsthand specialist advice has been provided to various top-level enterprises, state institutions, international and local organizations, national and commercial banks in Armenia. For more than ten years of dedication and commitment our customers have enjoyed high professionalism, integrity and deep understanding of the requirements of their businesses. We supported our customers, representing different sectors and spheres of activity, in all intricacies of law and uncertainties in business. We strived to cater all their needs to make them frontrunners and their businesses – prosperous.